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On Ashleyacademy, you have access to:

Course Discussion

The Goal is the ensure all our students understand the courses and use it to reach their life goals.

Qualified teachers

Our tutors are carefully screened to ensure you learn from the best in the field.

Payment Gateways

We accept payment using Debit MasterCard Visa card and we payout to our instructors using Paypal and Bank Details.

Focus on success

We offer live sessions where students ask the instructors any questions they may have. We also have a live chat session for quick response.

Our Story

We are a highly passionate team of individuals whose mission is to get knowledge across to you in the simplest form. We offer diverse selection of courses which are delivered one step at a time, accessible on mobile phones, tablets and computers, so you can fit learning into your life style. We believe learning should be an enjoyable social experience, hence our courses offer the opportunity to discuss what you are learning with others as you go, helping you make fresh discoveries and form new ideas.

Meet Our Team

A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. The best people formula for great websites!

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